Women’s Gym Exercises – Choose the Best and Leave the Rest

If you like to get your training in a commercial gym and want to perform some of the women’s gym exercises, then you will enjoy the ones I will mention in few seconds.

Many years ago I used to work out in the gym, and I would spent 45 to 90 minutes. I really enjoyed it as a college student; and having the gym on campus was very beneficial because it was only 2 or 3 minutes walking distance.

While I was working out there for a few years until I graduated, there were some machines and exercise tools that I had never trained on because in my belief since then and until this day they are not as effective as the other exercises I have used.

If you have been reading my exercise articles, you would know I am not a big fan of isolated machine exercises, and they are not my first choice of prescribing exercises whether for me or my clients. So ending with that note, let me show you some of the best women’s gym exercises that you can use and cut your workout time short by 10 to 30 minutes earlier.

The StairMaster Machine

Using the StairMaster or other similar machine in the gym can do a wonderful job in training your thighs and buttocks, and at the same time you will be burning calories left and right.

If you have not used this machine before, then, lady, it is time for you to give it a try. And once you feel comfortable with the machine, and that may take you days or weeks depending on how much you use it, during the next time try not on to hold to the hand rails which can be very challenging. But the rewards are worth the try.

Assisted Pull-up Machine

The assisted pull-up machine is a good choice for women to exercise while performing the regular pull-ups which are very difficult. As you probably know, this exercise works the back, biceps, and forearm muscles effectively. That way you are training several body parts with one exercise.


– Choose a suitable weight, Before you grip the handles and stand on the machine platform, choose a moderate weight which will give you the ability to perform 10-15 repetitions

– Tuck in the abdominal muscles and slowly descend until your arms are completely extended.

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