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Brice Remaley

Biography: If you are in Houston and looking for a personal trainer, I can help guide and motivate you with short fun workouts that will get you results quicker then most other sessions at half of the time. I guarantee it. I've been a personal trainer for over 15 years and can implement a program to shred your body fat, tone your abs, get you ready for spring break, wedding, athletic events or to just all around help you feel better. You get world class results, at a fair and reasonable price. I use the following tools: 1. Kettlebells Easy to learn and proven to quickly shred and strengthen your body. I am Russian Kettlebell Certified. 2. TRX Suspension Training, Yoga and Pilates for toning abs. Most training programs neglect the small but important muscles that strengthen and stabilize the core. By incorporating TRX suspension training, Yoga, and Pilates we will challenged your core, to reveal the beautiful abs underneath the layers of fat that we all have. 3. Body Weight Workouts Body weight Training is a huge part of my training style. After a few of my sessions your body will feel stronger, leaner, and you'll begin to notice the changes in your body. 4. Great Motivation Sometime's all you need is a little push and a word of encouragement to bring the best out in yourself. I also bend over backwards to make sure that you are thrilled with my service by providing: *Flexible Scheduling *Affordable Small Group Training *Effective One on One Private Training. I work with most groups including: Busy Professionals Stay At Home Moms Military Service People Endurance Athletes Calling me will be one of the best decisions in your life. I'll work with you to achieve any goal that we set, and if you are not happy with the experience I'll gladly refund your money. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can find out more at my website:
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