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Lori Fitzgerald

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Biography: **I DO NOT DO IN-HOME, OR TRAINING AT OTHER GYMS, I ONLY TRAIN AT MY PRIVATE FITNESS STUDIO IN SUGAR LAND TEXAS** **NO MEMBERSHIPS** Patience and personality are two of the most important traits that you want to seek out when you are looking for a personal trainer to work with. The client-trainer relationship is one of the most interesting relationships that you will ever be in. If you choose me, you will be motivated without being intimidated; and you will have a lot of fun while training. Patience is important because it helps to build trust between the client and I. This patience can come out in a number of ways; adapting the workout for the client because of physical limitations, taking time when the client is worried about pushing too hard, and adjusting the schedule or workout as necessary so that the client can succeed. I can abandon any of my own agenda so that my client can do what needs to be done without a lot of stress or anxiety. I am very warm and friendly! I am able to motivate you to move forward instead of scaring you away from the experience! I will talk to you like you are a human being instead of as just a client.
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