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Phone : 281.627.4302
Business Days:
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Biography: I have worked as a deputy for the Harris County Sheriffs Office for 13 years, before devoting my full time passion to making people better from the ground up. During my time as a deputy sheriff I was a primary instructor and training developer for the tactical response unit I was assigned to. In addition I also served as one of the agencies defensive tactics, Physical fitness, and Nutrition instructors for Harris County Sheriffs Basic Police Officers Course and Basic County Corrections Course.
Type/Quality Of Equipment : Get leaner and stronger Feel more positive and energetic Reduce injury, illness and disease Improve performance at chosen sport(s)
Place of Training:
  • gym
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Age Categories:
  • Children (00-14 years)
  • Youth (15-24 years)
  • Adults (25-64 years)
Training Charges: $$
Located in: Trainers

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