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Atmo Fitness
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“I was fat and miserable”, he recalls. “People made fun of me, I had no self-esteem, and I never went out. One day I decided to do something besides feeling sorry for myself. I got up off my tail, walked into a gym and bought a membership. I struggled for three months, read many books and watched workout videos – and made some improvement. Then I saw the light and got myself a personal trainer who worked with me not only on exercise, but on nutrition and the other aspects of a goal directed program. “In six months I was down to 200 lbs., and then bulked up to 220. I never could have achieved that without the help of my trainer – and I am so grateful for his guidance, which also prepared me for my trophy-winning power lifting competitions.” ... Read more

Phone: 281-414-6851

Fidelis CrossFit
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Fidelis CrossFit is Katy’s premier CrossFit gym. Our 2,300 sq. ft. facility is rigged with the latest and greatest functional fitness apparatus and equipment supplemented with a kid’s area, A/C and showers. We’re not your typical CrossFit box – we like our bells and whistles. Come in and experience our culture which emphasizes healthy living, functional fitness and having a whole lot of fun. Our short, high-intensity, conditioning workouts are scaled for any fitness level. Every once in a while, life throws you a fun and challenging opportunity to redefine yourself. Joining the Fidelis CrossFit community is one of those times. You can either take a chance, embrace the change and run with it, or sit back and think “no way, this isn’t for me” and go back to the way things were. Which path will you take? You’ll never really know which camp you belong to until you try it yourself. Plus, the first class on us – so what have you got to lose? Come on in, and try Fidelis CrossFit in Katy, TX!... Read more

Phone: (281) 846-5343

Jade Mountain Martial Arts
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"Here at JMMA, we are focused on YOU and helping you or your children reach your goals. Fitness, self-confidence, skills for self-defense, whatever you are looking for, our personalized teaching style will help you achieve it. We treat our students with respect, and we will help you to change your life for the better in every way that we can. We care about you!" ~ Sifu Whit McClendon... Read more

Phone: 281 395 5935

Koko Fit Club
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Over 50,000 people have already joined Koko nationwide! That's more than 5 million workouts & a lot of amazing results at digital gyms — in Katy & beyond. ... Read more

Phone: (281) 769-9833

Next Level Athletics
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Based in Katy, Texas located at Sport/Fitness Complex, Next Level Athletics is where players go when they want to take their game to the Next Level through accelerated learning . Whether you are just trying to make the team or get noticed by the Next Level in sports, NLA has the right program for you. We are also one the the BEST personal training gyms in the country. Our fitness protocols will get you in the best shape of your life in no time, workouts are challenging, demanding, results driven and fun. Let NLA show you how easy it is to become what you might have been! The mission of NLA is to provide athletes in all sports safe, effective, practical and proven methods in soprts science. We are experts in strength & performance training in Katy Texas since 2001. On staff we have exercise physiologist, nutritionist, NSCA certified strength & conditioning specialist, NASM sports performance specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Olympic Weight Lifting Certified Specialist, 18 former NFL players and coaches on staff. ... Read more

Phone: 832-272-0827

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